No body is the same, and therefore, no treatment will be the same identical either. Each and every one of your treatments will be tailored specifically for you, your health history, and our goals for treatment. Your massage is your time, and if there is an area you would like Amanda to focus on, or not treat at all, please let her know. Amanda is dedicated in using her specialised training to help your body heal and function at its absolute best!

Introducing Cupping Massage

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which specialized cups are used to create suction, drawing tissues upward, increasing blood flow and drawing toxins from the body. Cupping can help with pain, blood flow, inflammation, range of motion restrictions, scar tissue and more. 

Please let Amanda know when booking if you're interested in cupping massage.

Hot Stone


45 minutes - $100

60 minutes - $120

75 minutes - $140

90 minutes - $150

Swedish, Cupping &
Prenatal Massage

30 minutes - $67

45 minutes - $77

60 minutes - $87

75 minutes - $107

90 minutes - $117

Indian Head


30 minutes - $72

45 minutes - $82

60 minutes - $92

75 minutes - $112

90 minutes - $122

Add Aromatherapy to any treatment for $10.

Please type "Aroma" in the comment box when booking. 

** All fees are subject to HST
** Fees subject to change

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Unwind to ancient Swedish massage techniques with stretching and myofascial release to reduce tension within your musculature. Depth of pressure is adjusted to meet individual needs.  This massage works wonderfully in reducing stress, boosting immune function and mood.
Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage works great to reduce pain from pregnancy, edema (swelling), sciatic pain, sore feet, stiff neck & shoulders, achy legs, fatigue and stress. A safe semi seated or side-lying positioning with body pillows for extra comfort. Please let us know at booking that you are expecting

Indian Head Massage

IHM is a treatment focused on your face, scalp, upper back, shoulders and arms. IHM helps to reduce mental exhaustion and stress, resulting in more mental clarity and calmness. Book an entire treatment or add to the end of any other treatment. 

Hot Stone Massage

Warm stones are used with traditional massage techniques to heat up tight muscles and reduce stress. HSM is a wonderful treatment during the chilly winter months, for those who prefer a lighter massage or who suffer from fibromyalgia.